My friends and I are doing Inktober again this year. Each October, there is an event for artists to make one drawing a day during the full month of October. The organizers call the theme for each day, and the only requirement is that you do an ink drawing on each of those days… either quick sketches or full out drawings. I am posting my sketches here. The English translation for each little manuscript is written below the image, and I have also included the Tapisreal pronunciation. Any formulaic indication such as 1>2 refers to how I applied the cyclic grammar there. More information about the grammar can be found under the LANGUAGE tab.

Oct. 31, 2018. Assignment: SLICE

As a picture is worth a thousand words,

a slice of pie is worth a thousand bites.

... … … … … … … … … … … … …

Oubiñ biñ pittour i wëddëth biñ thousañ hanar,

biñ couyoup purtaarj i wëddëth biñ thousañ tazmonordr.

Oct 30, 2018. Assignment: JOLT

He noticed with a jolt that the end of the world was no other than the alarm clock.

[Literally in 6>2: He noticed with a jolt that the end of the world built nothing more as fact than the alarm clock].

Hlëtsë ilanañ biñ kekeec sa tö tëfeyetr tö vorldaa struinuiy smlabda dahha faassër cë ji wix ërloc.

Oct. 29, 2018. Assignment: DOUBLE

When they are in each other’s company, the duck thinks she is a dog, and the dog thinks he is a duck. As animals usually have no mirrors, they may assume they are the same species as their closest friend.

[Literally in 4>1: The duck thinks she is a dog as her pose. And again literally in 4>1: and the dog thinks he is a duck as his pose].

Jebbër laydrar i wdowdon companii, ze ent vuipsañs elë i biñ celebdeps cañjo cooc, na ze celeps vuipsañs hlë i biñ ebdent cré cooc. Oubiñ yvawn ragilla xa oxxi spétséwccyor lar miñ pyañdr lar i ze onak yiftfibdiy jdir cis threcsis frëënd.

Oct. 28, 2018. Assignment: GIFT

She thought the wrapping was composed so funny, that she never opened the gift.

(Literally in 3>3: She thought the wrapping by composed so funny, that she never stood on the gift at an opening.)

Elë vuipsañnañs ze atafanad mozanar s”zi carçouçou, sa elësrë jalme steconom ze xébpatallo ëybenaad.

Oct. 27, 2018. Assignment: THUNDER

The thunder shook the night’s sudden blackness. Everything flashed off after the lightning had vanished. (1>6: Everything allowed itself to be a flash-off after the lightening had vanished).

Réres toner tecnënë ré nuiin xudaccto siyahté. Parvwery smanax ilil psa biñ flazizi ofihiydri eppita ré héraratéé varninric.

Oct. 26, 2018. Assignment: STRETCH

How far can you stretch the mind? Which tools are needed by us to chip away yet another piece of its cement shell? (3>2: How far can you build the mind at a stretch?)

Xë ishtern turoz siñ struiy tö bematas biñ streecca? Veç outiniwy hethiyon xirir trë frazzma ayër adayin otruiyui jdi smañt kamabalaa?

Oct. 25, 2018. Assignment: PRICKLY

The desert lizard in its own world of thorns and sharp identities.

Ze midbar raydratthor jdijdi vorldaya ibpiiwn na exmir idañtitéw.

old book page vertical 3.jpg

Oct. 24, 2018. Assignment: CHOP

Chopping one’s way through traffic.

Xapptaxad oñin uyuruy par trafiic.

Oct. 23, 2018. Assignment: MUDDY


2 parts dirt, 1 part water.

2 parts flour, 1 part water.

Either recipe yields the staff of life.

(Literally in 4>3: Either recipe counts the staff of life as its yield).



Ni meroyos lañtsañd, çi meroyos lajöör.

Ni meroyos vatsaccin, çi meroyos lajöör.

Ethr rëset numérot zes stayaf baseemmo.

Oct. 22, 2018. Assignment: EXPENSIVE

Expensive – How do they fit so many numbers onto one receipt?

Fadafadda – Xë lar mnasib s”zi öy noumdasftawxxad çi rësuu?

Oct. 21, 2018. Assignment: DRAIN

There is a plan of infinite wisdom for our future. When the earth’s resources are totally drained, a plumber can be called.

(Literally in 6>6: A plan of infinite wisdom shows itself for our future. When the earth’s by-resources totally will drain, a by-plumber can let us be as the caller).

Biñ sxethiyi iñfini shesrab miseb ilipril jdë avhiir. Jebbër tös ërthin rësounouwrs totalla choupétoñjoñ, biñ saniterënër turoz caboul xibdir psa ze xazminëër.

Oct 20, 2018. Assignment: BREAKABLE

When universities no longer tolerate freedom of speech, truth becomes breakable. (Literally in 6>6: When universities no more long let freedom of speech be as toleration, truth becomes breakable).

Jebbër mixlalaw oxxi dahha lañbetr caboul hathayaj brébëribdi ir tooxxotriiñ, jouthoñ zenéhhou thyacopirië.

Oct. 19, 2018. Assignement: SCORCHED

Is it an oasis or a scorched mirage?

Il i biñ palmith ha biñ xufayyaxnou lajrecid?

Oct. 18, 2018. Assignment: BOTTLE

The message in a bottle escaped.

Ze agiydrizw biñ hassis éshanapy.

Note: I photographed my ink drawing when a soft ribbon of outdoor light cut across it diagonally. I didn’t paint that narrow band of light across the page, it was just there for free.

Oct. 17, 2018. Assignment: SWOLLEN

The duck took her bicycle to the veterinarian. (In 4>1 literally: The duck was her bicycle as her delivery to the veterinarian). She had ridden it so frequently that the tires became swollen.

Ze ent inir cañjo wawathibdi cañjo pebiribbith zev vétinerëër. Elë ydonror il s”zi frihahala sa zazaç pnënëw hagunuy.

Oct. 16, 2018. Assignment: ANGULAR

It is an authentically five pointed star in a distant galaxy. Even its solar winds are angular. (In 3>3 literally: Even its solar winds count angles in their space).

Il i biñ otañticla gi pwiñnou étuiydruil biñ distañs galaxii. Astrovya corshé zbarrci ruzgyawr numréc zawiyiydriw jdir postraañ.

Oct. 15, 2018. Assignment: WEAK

Weakness is the inability to self-criticize, and shut out challenging views. Dialogue is the strength of really hearing the other.

Shvarté ir tö iwcun trëhal cagthi, na yihaba lañydéfid vuw. Sari ir sé jibortéyé xecila jmazandaallad ze droushca.

NOTE: Because I was in the mood to work with arms and pins today, I made the whole text above using the backward script. This is often used for poetry also. The snaking down the page forward and backward is the norm, but you can use one direction exclusively in a text for aesthetic purposes.

Oct. 14, 2018. Assignment: CLOCK

It is time to wash the dishes, the spoons, the plates, the knives, the bowls, and why not… my hands.

Il i ré zaman wésh ji tasbawx, ji cuwr, ji tsalaxawt, ji saciwn, ji xdzafowx, na smboñ bol… jda zmañw.

Oct. 13, 2018. Assignment: GUARDED

The pastry shop owner posted 3 guards at their entry to discourage the daily intrusions of the sugar-tooth-dog, who showed no mercy on the cookies (literally in 4>2: who built no mercy on the cookies as his demonstration). The guards had no effect, as the dog bit their legs and rushed past them to the cookie case.

Ze cnétri ror xuditër ponost si icgitër jdir vxutéé trëcuyyuc ze dayytir makeniyiiiñw ze sucr tazenk celeeps, shë struinuiy oxxi mérsisri ze xalawibdiw cré plubaatr. Ze icgiëwr xana oxxi effer, oubiñ ze celereps tazmonordr jdir jamsabalaw na moyoñnoñ baj larar ji xalawi cevoos.

Oct. 12, 2018. Assignment: WHALE

It is not surprising that humans have hunted the magnificent whales nearly to extinction. We are the only species stupid enough to destroy our own habitat.

(4>6) Literally: We are the only species stupid enough to let our own habitat-as be our destructiveness-contain.

Il isy éthovad sa cawddac sharas ze maynific baliñw proshla extiriiiñ. Xir i ze yédiñ yiftfiy beyyit cafi trëcaboul jdëjdë fitibdif i jdë gunuxivtéé.

Oct. 11, 2018. Assignment: CRUEL

Humanity excels at cruelty. (3>2. Literally: Humanity cooks cruelty in mastery). I debated with myself whether to use the glyph for ‘cruel’ to mean person, or the glyph ‘glue’ to mean person. Glue won out because it is neither positive nor negative. It embodies the marriage bond of our imperfectly biased beliefs from which we rarely divorce. In addition, it applies to every single one of us. How’s that for a sticky subject.

Cadacrité tasbah szethtéydré metrii. Yëtsë fluleneth jdajdaa cödöm trëistmal tö gliprif szeeth trëmazaxm jañz, ha tö glif caddac trëmazaxm jañz. Caddac nyanax nothyollpa il ir jdyas pozitif ha négatif. Il ikcorpo ji hairaté babasetsem jdë iñnarsiyla tarthithinou bishlamnav jdyaa xir rarla divors. Ydrou xammaxjaja, iril talab thary oupla oñyoñ xiir. Xë ir sapra biñ caddwawa gééjjég.

Oct. 10, 2018. Assignment: FLOWING

After she squeezed the masking pen too hard, it exploded all over herself! There was a flow of blue liquid that hit the computer, books, clothing, and the floor. In fact it hit everything except the drawing where she needed it. For a couple seconds, she opened her eyes wide with disbelief.

[Literally: After she squeezed the masking pen too hard, over-it completely exploded contain-she she! The a of-flow blue contain-liquid showed it it to hit the computer, books, clothing, and the floor. In fact it hit everything except the drawing 2>6 where she allowed it to be the needs. For a couple second, she opened her with-eyes widely contain-disbelief].

Eppita elë canaddig jiç mascad pen epissis thiscol, ivril coñpletla thaxgxanath elë elëë! Las biñ mirayar nilë mawii miseneb ilil trëçatdit ji conon, cipbiñw, cimon, na ji plañku. Ydrou fassër il çatdinit parvwery yoi ze crecad guxde elë samanax il psa ze hethiyown. Fi biñ riri zécoñd, elë ëybenen cañjo aiyetsewn widdiwla disbishlaav.

Oct. 9, 2018. Assignment: PRECIOUS

In all the galaxy, there is but one diamond in the sky. [6>1. Literally: In the whole galaxy, only one in-diamond is the as-sky the contain-show].

Ydrou ré fsyö galaxi, yédiñ çi diamañydrañ ir syebdel tö miseeb.

Oct. 8, 2018. Assignment: STAR

That’s odd. It was 3:30 am as she drove home. Only one star was in the sky, [literally in 6>1: only one in-star was the as-sky a contain-stand], and she was the only one awake to see it.

Sa inir öth. Il inir zamañ si sa a mé oubiñ elërë shlinif hoom. Yédiñ çi étuiydruil inir rérét syebdel biñ stecoom, na elë nir ze yédiñ oñ mwash den il.

Note: In the above ink drawing, there is a car and a bright star. Being dark on dark, the back of the car is not immediately apparent, but it is there. My original idea was to have the two back lights of the car and the star be the only sources of light. Drawing the thick lines closer together would have helped to accentuate the three points of light.

Note: I used sandpaper to soften some of this drawing after having inked it.

Oct. 7, 2018. Assignment: EXHAUSTED

The giant had a voracious appetite. After eating most of the forest and the villages contained within it, he lied down for a 100-year nap, exhausted. [6>5. in-he left his as-exhaust for-reclines a 100 year contain-nap].

Ze jéañ xana biñ cërif apéti. Eppita alad ciyis ze foréé na tö vilawj laydrar padtén iil, hlëydrë cwanas cré thotobdor récripriwn biñ ço tash dortëër.

Oct. 6, 2018. Assignment: DROOLING

The odors coming from the kitchen were intoxicating [2>2. literally: The from-odors coming the contain-kitchen burrowed into-themselves contain-intoxication]. The duck chef was preparing couscous with vegetables. The dog sat still waiting for his dinner bowl, but he could not stop drooling.

Ré odëmnëwr yelmëzad töc kuuxxhë cédinig lar laytar intocsicjaajja.

Zec ent shef xadender coutsoucous véjtariiw.

Ze celepreps benes stil atañdañd cré diné xdzafoox, mas hlë cëirt bdanallasy zabberna.

Oct 5, 2018. Assignment: CHICKEN

Prophetic question: Why did the chicken cross the road? [1>2. Why the to-chicken inspired the for-road a contain-walk across].

Answer: To get to the other side.


Anrutic cestiiñ: Smboñ ze axstexaziri izpinir jouç xöpröth biñ perpaat habbar?

Légoth: Sa iril stiç jouc droushca cotéé.

October 4, 2018. Assignment: SPELL

I was tempted to draw a witch [1>2. by-I built for-myself contain-temptation draw a witch]. But being a language inventor, I took the word SPELL literally. I am investigating alternative spellings to the constructions with vowel plus “H” plus vowel. I make a compromise. The witch makes the “H” vanish for a double vowel.

Yënë struinuiy yëyëprë themptjahajja rimëbris biñ hexxex. Mas i biñ yahala iñvañtër, yë tonor tö har rathir lithéralla. Yë insedes althithitiv rathirarawd tö costruitjatsawjja vahawwel plus “hé” plus vawwel. Yë mezcët biñ cilariyya. Ze hexxex mezcët tö “hépré” varnic biñ dourdour vaawwel.

October 3, 2018. Assignment: ROASTED

Seventeen stars from neighboring solar systems joined together for a conference. Suddenly all the planets in the host solar system fried themselves to a crisp [2>2 all the in-planets the host solar containing-system created into-themselves a to-fry a containing-crisp.] Never again has there been a conference of suns.

Çash étuimnuil vwaziñdiñ zbarrci sisteprewmma vwanan iysho biñ conferañhañs. Xudacctola ytou zec planeydret ze cwacwaf zbarrci sistehemma mumanac lar laytar biñ fthirif biñ cxihiccya. Jalme añcor biñ coñferañyañs zbarcéhé misereb il il.

October 2, 2018. Assignment: TRANQUIL

Whenever I search for tranquility, I cannot find it. Such a waste of time because while I’m not searching, I’m already there. (4>1. I am myself-as already there my space-containing).

Jebbër yëprë sham trañciltéhé, yë turozësy ytrov il. Sosh biñ gaspiyiy zamañhañ, nothyollpa xé yë shadamësy, yë ir yëyë déjénéré shañbdañ jda postrañhañ.

October 1, 2018. Assignment: POISONOUS

I know of a man who drank some turpentine thinking it would cure his stomach problems. If he were a monkey (1>4. if he counted a for-monkey a term-contain), he would have known not to do that.

Yëyë lahha biñ adañhañ shë inish sui turpañtin, vuipsañdañs il vuirt cabga cré jeloud mondiñw. Siy hlë numrénéc biñ nanapra biñ teherm, hlë vuirt lajrahha trëtarsy sa.