This is the place to find films either in Tapissary, or about it.

2017. “Conlanging, the Art of Crafting Tongues” I spoke about Tapissary in this documentary which interviewed many language creators. Film by Britton Watkins. Below, I copied the description and the picture from the Conlanging website, with thanks to Britton Watkins for his permission to do so. When I learn how to make a live link, I will post it HERE for those interested in visiting their site.

Conlanging, The Art Of Crafting Tongues

Conlanging, The Art Of Crafting Tongues is the first feature documentary about the global phenomenon of constructed languages and the extraordinary people who invent them. From languages like Klingon and Dothraki in blockbuster productions, to the diverse personalities engaging in the practice today, to its relevance in education and even efforts to save dying languages — there's much more to conlanging than almost anyone might imagine.

The art of language construction is currently undergoing a renaissance, as the emergence of the Internet empowers its communities and popular culture embraces it as an important detail in world-building for sci-fi and fantasy. This revelatory film tells the rich story of passions that have expanded far beyond Tolkien’s “secret vice.”